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Shi Wansheng

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Shi Wansheng

Associate professor

Tel: 86-510-85197091


Address:1800 Lihu Road, Wuxi China 214122


1999.09-2003.06 Henan Agricultural University, Environmental Engineering, BS

2003.09-2006.06 China University of Mining and Technology, Environmental Engineering, MS

2011.08-2014.07 University of Tsukuba, Sustainable Environmental Studies, PhD

【track record】

2015.11 – Present Associate professor, Jiangnan University, School of Environment and Civil Engineering


Design for Environmental Engineering

【Research Interests】

(1)Solid waste management, (2)Wastewater treatment


1. Shi W., Liu C., Ding D., Lei Z., Yang Y., Feng C., Zhang Z., 2013. Immobilization of heavy metals in sewage sludge by using subcritical water technology. Bioresource Technology, 137:18-24.

2. Shi W., Liu C., Shu Y., Feng C., Lei Z., Zhang Z., 2013. Synergistic effect of rice husk addition on hydrothermal treatment of sewage sludge: Fate and environmental risk of heavy metals. Bioresource Technology, 149: 496-502.

3. Shi W., Feng C., Huang W., Lei Z., Zhang Z., 2014. Study on interaction between phosphorus and cadmium in sewage sludge during hydrothermal treatment by adding hydroxyapatite. Bioresource Technology, 159: 176-181.

4. Liu C., Shi W., Kim M., Yang Y., Lei Z., Zhang Z., 2013. Photocatalytic pretreatment for the redox conversion of waste activated sludge to enhance biohydrogen production. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 38: 7246-7252.

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