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Ren Hongyan

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Ren Hongyan

Asso Prof.

Tel: 0510-85197091


Address:1800 Lihu Road, Wuxi China 214122


2001 Dalian Polytechnic University (formerly Dalian Institute of Light Industry), Fermentation Engineering, BS

2004 Dalian Polytechnic University, Fermentation Engineering, MS

2009 National Key Laboratory of Biochemical Engineering, Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Biochemical Engineering, PhD

【track record】

May, 2004 – July, 2004 Research Assistant, DaLian TaKaRa LO, LTD

July, 2009 – November, 2012 Assist Prof, Jiangnan University, Environment and Civil Engineering School

September, 2011 – present Deputy Director, Wuxi Low carbon Development Research Center

November, 2012 – present Assoc Prof, Jiangnan University, Environment and Civil Engineering School

March, 2014 – present Department Head, Environmental Engineering, Jiangnan University

April, 2016 – April, 2017 Visiting scholar, Minnesota University


Renewable Resources and Clean Technology, Biological Invasion, Low-carbon Technology and Application

【Research Interests】

High density cultivation of microalgae;

Microalgae biotechnology

Microalgae carbon-sequestration

Recycling utilization of microalgae


1. Hongyan Ren, Jinhua Tuo, Min M. Addy, Renchuan Zhang, Qian Lu, Erik Anderson, Paul Chen, Roger Ruan(2017). Cultivation of Chlorella vulgaris in a pilot-scale photobioreactor using real centrate wastewater with waste glycerol for improving microalgae biomass production and wastewater nutrients removal. Bioresource Technology, 245:1130-1138

2. Hongyan Ren*,Nan Jiang, Tao Wang,M. Mubashar Omar, Wenquan Ruan, Abdul Ghafoor(2018). Study on the improvement of biogas production in the duckweed anaerobic digestion process. Journal of Energy Resources Technology(Accepted)

2. Hongyan Ren, Qian Wang, Xia Wu, Pengbo Yang, Wei Cong.Characterization of cation-exchange membrane fouling during bipolar membrane electrodialysis of monosodium glutamate isoelectric supernatant. Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology, 2011, 86(12):1469-1474.

3. Hongyan Ren, Fubao Sun, Shaoyuan Shi, Wei Cong. Ceramic membrane pretreatment of monosodium glutamate isoelectric supernatant to facilitate (NH4)2SO4 recovery by electrodialysis. Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology. 83(7):1027-1033(2008)

4. Hongyan Ren, Qian Wang, Xiaoyan Zhang, Ruijuan Kang, Shaoyuan Shi, Wei Cong. Membrane fouling caused by amino acid and calcium during bipolar membrane Electrodialysis. Journal of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology. 83(11):1551-1557(2008)

5. Carmen Dienst, Chun Xia, Clemens Schneider, Daniel Vallentin, Johannes Venjakob, Hongyan Ren. Wuxi- a Chinese city on its way to a low carbon future. Journal of Sustainable Development of energy, water and enviromental systems. 2015, 3(1):12-25.

6. Xiaoyan Zhang, Wenhua Lu, Hongyan Ren, Wei Cong. Sulfuric acid and ammonia generation by bipolar membranes electrodialysis: Transport rate model for ion and water through anion exchange membrane. Chemical & Biochemical Engineering Quarterly, 22(1):1-8(2008).

National Peer Reviewed:

7.Ren Hongyan, Lu Xian, Ruan Wenquan. Pretreatment Methods to Enhance the Butyric Acid Production by Anaerobic Fermentation on Taihu Lake Blue-Green Algae, Journal of Food Science and Biotechnology, 2011,30(5):734-739 (in Chinese).

8.Ren Hongyan, Hu Ping, Ruan Wenquan. Effect fo inoculum size on biogas production process via anaerobic fermentation of Cyanobacteria from Taihu Lake.Shanghai Environmental sciences, 2011,30(4):158-162 (in Chinese).

9.Ren Hongyan, Wang Qian, WuXia, Cong Wei. The effect of calcium and amion acid on the membrane fouling during the bipolar membranes electrodialysis treating glutamic acid model isoelectric supernatant. Journal of Process Engineering, 2011, 11(4): 627-632 (in Chinese).

10. Ren Hongyan, Cong Wei.The process model during ceramic membrane treating the glutamic acid isoelectric supernatant. Food Industry Technology, 2011, 32(12): 115-118 (in Chinese).

11.Yang Yujuan, Ren Hongyan, Miao Hengfeng, Ruan Wenquan.Optimization of environmental factors affecting potential of carbon fixation of Spirulina platensis, Chinese Journal of Environmental Engineering, 2013, 7(7):2795-2800 (in Chinese).

12.Wang Lei, Ren Hongyan, Miao Hengfeng, Ruan Wenquan. CO2 fixation in simulated flue gas by Spirulina platensis, Chinese Journal of Environmental Engineering, 2012, 6(8):2745-2749 (in Chinese).

13. Ruan Wenquan, Ren Hongyan, Li Zi.A economical and efficient mixotrophic culture method of Spirulina platensis [P]. Application Number: 201310169326.2

【Research Projects】

1) Influence of Light factor on the microalgae carbon sequestration process and its scale-up based on photoautotrophy, Specialized Research Fund for the Doctoral Program, Higher Education of China (20120093120011) (PI)

2) Demonstrative production (1millon tons/a) of the clean bioenergy from high-concentration terminal fermentation wastewater, National Key Technology Research and Development Program, Ministry of Science and Technology of China (2011BAC11B05) (PI)

3) Demonstrative technology of carbon emissions trading, National Key Technology Research and Development Program, Ministry of Science and Technology of China (2012BAC20B12-10) (PI)

4) Low Carbon Future Cities, Sino-German Cooperation Project on an Integrated Climate and Resource Proof Urban Development, Stiftung Mercator

(http://www.lowcarbonfuture.net/en/) (711/0912/3137) (Executive PI)

5) Greenhouse gas emission inventory of Wuxi city(2010-2013), item authorized by Wuxi Information Center(PI)

6) 13TH Five-Year Wuxi city environmental protection and ecological construction plan (2015-2016), authorized by Wuxi institute of Environmental science

7) 13TH Five-Year Wuxi city energy development plan (2015-2016), authorized by Wuxi Development and Reform Commission

8) 13TH Five-Year Wuxi city on climate change plan (2015-2016), authorized by Wuxi Development and Reform Commission


1. Wenquan Ruan, Hongyan Ren, Zi Li, Yujuan Yang. An economic and effective mixotrophic cultivations method of Spirulina[P]. 201310169326.2

2. Wenquan Ruan, Yuqing Wu, Hongyan Ren. A series of internal circulating Fenton fluidized bed oxidation towers [P]:201310286520.9

3. Hongyan Ren, Xuefei Wang, Wenquan Ruan. A membrane photobioreactor with high density cultivation coupled with harvest of microalgae[P].201520379182.8


1. First prize in the science and technology award of China Chamber of Commerce(2016), Key technologies and demonstrations of bio fuel and chemical Biorefinery(No. 3)

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