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Prof. Stephen Joseph from University of New South Wales visit Jiangnan University

Date: 2019-04-18 Source: 环土学院 Clicks:

On the invitation from Institute of Environmental processes and pollution Control and the College of Environment and Civil Engineering, professorStephen Joseph made an academic visit to Jiangnan University on4 April 2019. ProfessorJoseph is awell-known international expert in biochar research fromthe University of New South Wales in Australia, he made a presentation entitled "Towards a Fundamental Understanding of the Interaction of Magnetic Biochar Compound Fertilizers with Plants" in the Conference Room D303.

Professor Josephfirstintroduced the nature of magnetic biochar and its interaction with minerals in the rhizosphere, and then introduced the phenomenon that magnetic biochar changed the rhizosphere environment of plants and increased the enrichment of nutrient elements. The promoting mechanism of magnetic biochar-driven plant growth was illustrated in detail. Finally, professor Joseph did a heated academic discussion with the teachers and students and answered the questions.

Stephen Joseph is a professor at the University of New South Wales in Australia and one of the main sponsors of the International Biocharcoal Association. Professor Joseph’s research focuses on biomass waste carbonization technology and its applications in agriculture and the environment. Its long-term commitment to the study of pyrolysis and gasification furnace and other biomass pyrolysis recycling equipment manufacturing process, has made a prominent contribution to promote the development of biomass carbon and biomass from small-scale carbonization furnace to large-scale continuous carbon plant production. In recent years, Professor Joseph has published more than 80 high-level research papers on biomass utilization in well-known international journals, including Nature Climate Change, Nature Communications, ISME journal, and has been selected into the top 1% of the world top cited scientists.


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